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Eleven.. Cover Contest!

Thu Oct 1, 2015, 1:00 AM

Wanderer's Cove by Foxfires

So, for as long as I can remember I've had access to the most incredible range of books, from novels, tall tales and everything in between; all of those I've read (and I'm sure you all agree) it's most frequently their covers you immediately think of when you hear their titles.  It goes without saying that a picture tells a thousands words, and cover art, for that specific reason has to grab the reader by the eyeballs and hold their attention right through to the very last page in a yummy, captivating smorgasbord of plot teasers, incredible characters and dreamy (or dystopian) landscapes. Essentially, book cover p0rn :D

Visiting bookshops used to be as much about the cover art as it was about the text on the pages, which is why these days seeing the dozens of dreary, completely plain covers which do absolutely NOTHING to sell the book leaves me a little cold.  Further I just can't understand why publishers are going in this direction. :shrug:

So why now?

Most of you will will have dabbled, are dabbling or are intending to dabble in the exciting world of cover art and it remains my most frequently asked question when I get notes and emails, most of which have an incredibly similar theme *cough*

"Hi! My name is... and I'm just starting making covers for sale, can I use your model stock and is it free - because I can't pay you; but I will credit you and send you good vibes for being such an awesome giving stocker!!! xxxx "

"PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, when I am rich I will remember you and send you some points (my client is paying me peanuts and they want great stock for free) "

More to the point I've been providing stock on DA for over ELEVEN!!! years, so its time to celebrate a little, and how else better than to help out a bunch of great deviants!

So why this cover contest??

Your puppy dog eyes and requests to use my stock for covers are hard to say no to when budgets are usually the problem.
So here, for the first time, I am going to run a contest specifically for book covers :) Book covers which I want to grab me and your potential clients by the eyeballs and shake us so we can't look at anything else.  Covers that will make authors want to write stories for.  Covers that will remind us of how visually beautiful a full shelf of books can be! 

The Brief:

Exciting times ahead! You have a new client who wants you to design their next cover (insert your choice of genre here!) Their book contains a female protagonist/villain/plot device (since I only have female model stock :P ) and they want you to go to town on the best cover they have ever seen reminiscent of the golden age of stunning artistic covers they grew up on.

You must create the cover with standard cover sizes in mind (see the rules for size guide), and include the title and authors name. If you wish to also design the back and spine you are welcome to do so.

Don't forget, your client loves creativity, and eye catching design, after all - they want their book to sell!

Start Date: 1st October 2015 9am PDT

End date: 5th December 2015 midnight PDT

The rulesssss

(Pay attention they are the important bit!)

:bulletgreen: Your cover must be portrait and have standard cover text - "title" "authors name" on the front. (You can make a title and authors name up) This can be positioned wherever you like as long as it is legible and you can choose the covers genre.

:bulletgreen: Your front cover art must be cover sized in terms of aspect ratio - for example CreateSpace suggests the following size: 6" x 9" ** (or 152.4mm x 228.6mm** )
** You are NOT required to upload your final book at the original size, don't panic!!! 

:bulletgreen: Your book MUST contain one of my model stock images available in my gallery - either from the free collections, or from the premium content packs if you have made a purchase.

:bulletgreen: You CAN use any of my unrestricted background images -… :)

:bulletgreen: Entries can be submitted to 1 of the following categories.  Please choose carefully when you submit your entry**  Please state your option clearly on your entry description and comment.
beginner / intermediate  OR  intermediate / advanced.
**If the judges feel you have not chosen the most appropriate category they reserve the right to move your entry to the other option to allow as equal a judging as possible.

:bulletred: STOCK CHOICE RESTRICTIONS: Please DO NOT use any of the following selection of model images - due to them already being licensed for covers and other similar media.
stock which you may NOT use for the contest
OR any of my restricted location stock, (… ) I'm really sorry but property licences and other restrictions means I can't give you permission.

:bulletred: LEGITIMATE STOCK ONLY: If you use images from google, or any site which is not a legitimate stock collection/provider I will disqualify you.  Its quite simple - legitimate stock only please, and I do not consider pixabay legit, deal with it.  That goes for other stock providers on DA - you will credit them, and notify them if you use their work, and you will check before hand to make sure they allow covers to be made with their stock. 

:bulletred: Your entry will only be valid when you link it in a comment on this journal and include a link to this journal in the description of your entry.

:bulletred: Unsurprisingly, this contest is aimed at visual media artists, simply because well... its a visual book cover. :P 

:bulletred: My terms of use apply in all respects with the exception of the "no covers" rule for the purpose of entry to this contest .  Once the contest is over my full terms will apply as per normal.

:bulletred: My terms of use and normal information about commercial licences and fees are here -

Things you should know before using my stock...

My stock does not belong in the public domain, The entire contents of my gallery, be that unrestricted or restricted stock, personal artwork or photography are all subject to full copyright law. The license I provide - as detailed on this page - is for DA members only.
DeviantART, its owners etc do not own the copyright to my stock or artwork submitted to this site.
As stated in the submission policy here:
It remains MY option to remove or change or amend any or all of my stock and r

:bulletred: Only 1 (ONE) entry per artist and it must be NEW art - make it your best because.....


(hopefully the good bit!!)

:bulletblue: ALL artists who enter can use their entry as an example book cover as part of their collection or portfolio.
(Those that do not get chosen as winners will still need to purchase the usual licence if they wish to make their work available for sale at a later date. Fees are available on my terms of use journal linked above)

:bulletblue: Up to 20 artists (10 from each level) - will be given a single 10 year digital licence for the model stock they have used on their cover - to sell, to display, to use as a portfolio example for future clients.  This is for all digital medias and Ebooks. 
Plus! exclusive stock pack from kuschelirmel-stock

Plus! Journal and group features

:bulletblue: x2 (1 from each category) Runners up will each be given
x2 additional model images of their choice from my gallery (including premium content packs) which they can use for cover work in the same manner as their entry to the contest.
Plus! 500 :points: points each from me.
Plus! 200 :points: points each from PirateLotus-Stock
Plus! 200 :points: points each from CelticStrm-Stock
Plus! choice of stock pack from PirateLotus-Stock
Plus! exclusive stock pack each from kuschelirmel-stock
Plus! exclusive stock pack each from YBsilon-Stock
Plus! exclusive stock prize each from EveLivesey
Plus! exclusive stock prize each from pranile
Plus! exclusive stock prize each from Arlesienne
Plus! Journal and group features

:bulletblue: x2 Grand prize winners ( 1 from each category) will be given
A full commercial licence for x10 model images of their choice from my gallery (including premium content packs). This licence will cover both digital and printed works and all types of media and publishing.
Plus! 1000 :points: points from me.
Plus! 300 :points: points each from PirateLotus-Stock
Plus! 300 :points: points each from CelticStrm-Stock 
Plus! x3 exclusive stock packs each from CelticStrm-Stock 
Plus! choice of stock pack from PirateLotus-Stock 
Plus! 2 hour speed paint commission each from the lovely tatiilange
Plus! exclusive stock pack each from kuschelirmel-stock
Plus! exclusive stock pack each from YBsilon-Stock
Plus! exclusive stock prize each from EveLivesey
Plus! exclusive stock prize each from pranile
Plus! exclusive stock prize each from Arlesienne
Plus! Journal and group features

Licences will be sent out in PDF format after the contest is closed and winners announced

Bonus materials? Looking for Inspiration?

Why yes, you may go away if you wish and look at some incredible cover art which may or may not inspire you.  Your new client loves artists such as Michael Whelan, Darrel K Sweet, Stephen Bradbury, Jim Burns, Daniel Dos Santos, Romas, Steve Weston, David Roe, Rodney Matthews, Geoff Taylor et al. Plus many many modern day equivalents of the digital age.

FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?
FAQ #257: What sort of permission do I need to use someone else's work?
FAQ #193: How do I prove that I had permission to use someone's work?
FAQ #306: Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want?
FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?  

Other Questions? Ask! I'm bound to have forgotten something!


Beginner/Intermediate Entries

Intermediate/Advanced Entries

Thank you Foxfires
Skin by Dan Leveille
More Journal Entries


DesigningDivas is always interested in affiliating with new and like-minded groups! If you like to be affiliated with us, please send a request.



:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:JOIN US!!:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:

:bulletgreen: Please feel free to join up HOWEVER! PLEASE remember, Divas is here to encourage excellence in all fields! We are a showcase of the VERY BEST our members have to offer from their galleries :D
:bulletgreen: All membership applications are subject to vote by our staff based on the quality of current work in your gallery!

:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:OUR MANDATE:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:
DesigningDivas at our very core has always strived to be a showcase of excellence, whether that be in photography, or traditional media and everything in between. We have limits on the amount of artwork our members may submit to the group weekly in order to ensure only the very best of what gets created is submitted, if you become a member and create 1 piece of artwork every day, make sure you only submit the very best piece from the week! We endeavour to make our galleries a place of inspiration, where artists may celebrate their achievements in the artistic fields of their choice.


:bulletred::new: New submission Protocol all pics to be based on following the club gallery theme of Fantasy...Must have a Diva or dude as part of the pic

:bulletblue: Are subject to vote by our staff!
:bulletblue: Must be submitted to the correct category AND have all necessary credits ***
:bulletblue: Please ONLY submit work for consideration to the group gallery that you feel fits with our mandate!
:bulletred: PLEASE do not be offended if your work is ever declined by our moderators, under the circumstances remember that we are human, we have our own opinions on what excellent artwork is - which may not necessarily be the same opinion as your own, or the other members of the admin staff. We are but one small group when there are many thousands on DA that might better suit a particular piece of art. Our declining a piece of your work is no reflection on yourself, if you are a member in the first place then you are deemed to already show excellence, so don't forget that!


YES. We are interested in getting some more staff on board as mentioned in our last journal.
:bulletorange: IF you feel you have the TIME and ENERGY it takes to be part of this group please submit a moderator application.
:bulletorange: Take the time to TELL US WHY you fit our requirements!
:bulletorange: Empty applications will be declined immediately.
:bulletorange: This is a TIME limited offer!










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